Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New stuff

Continuing on my iPod high, I came across this nifty program that has a lot of great uses for the iPod. The one that interests me the most, is the RSS reader. So now, I connect to Google news or Slashdot feeds through the program and read it on my iPod. I know you geeks out there are as excited as I am, and that my sister-in-law, Monica the Lung Cougher, is sitting there wondering if the last couple of sentences were in english. Anyways, you may notice to the left that I added some colorful boxes that link to my RSS 2.0 and ATOM XML feeds. I also decided to do a little advertising. I am an avid user of Firefox and Thunderbird for two major reasons: they are safer than IE and it's another way to not give money to Emperor Gates. Before you go on about me using Windows, well, get off my back. I'll change to Linux, eventually.
I also played a Star Wars trivia today. I was happy and saddened when I got a 90 out of 100 correct. I'm so glad I have had girlfriends or else I'd be really worried.

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