Sunday, February 13, 2005


Those who have spoken to me in the last couple of months know that my favorite toy that I have is my beautiful iPod. This thing kicks so much ass, that it would be futile to even start writing about it.
However, in my pursuit of being a complete negative prick, there is one itty-bitty problem with this fabulous mana from heaven: the back. It's a nice, smooth reflective surface that shows every fingerprint placed on it EVER! If you just breathe on it hard, it gets marked. Well, I finally found a solution. I came across these websites that has a nifty fix. I did it on my iPod, and the results are fantastic. Not only does it give it a nice rugged look, it doesn't leave fingerprints anymore! I can now touch my iPod without worrying that I'm fudging up the back with my evidence... eh, I mean, fingerprints.
So try it out. Oh, and it does NOT void the warranty, in case you were wondering.

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