Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Picturesque

I forgot that I actually HAD something to say when I finished my last post. I bought a new camera.

It is a Canon Digital Rebel XT Digital SLR. IT is by far the coolest and most complicated camera I have ever bought (I'm a child of the point-and-shoots). The package deal came with three lenses: 55mm, 300mm zoom, and a wide-angle lens. I am hoping that this inspires me to become more serious about photography and maybe capture better images. I will be taking a Photoshop class when I get to Houston, so all of you will be witnesses to my wondrous (horrible) creations.

But for now, I have to do a few things first, like read the instruction book, look for photography tips, and find out how the hell I was able to take the above picture...

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