Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bite Me!

No, I do not mean to insult you. This is a post about my teeth (how clever, I know).
I first chipped my front tooth in 4th grade while chewing on a pencil eraser. Since then, I have gone back to the dentist periodically to get it filled in. Well, now that I have a job that pays me money (instead of Snapple caps), I decided to get a veneer done. So earlier this year, I did it at great expense (health insurance doesn't cover it because they consider veneers "cosmetic"). I went from this:

To this:


Last week, while eating lunch with a co-worker, my veneer broke. I went to the dentist and they temporarilly cemented the veneer back in. Today I went in for the temporary fix, since the veneer broke and they have to start all over again. They drilled, prodded, pulled, and pushed until finally they got me to sit down in the chair. Just kidding, they pulled the tooth and put in the replacement. So now I have to wait till next Wednesday foor the full veneer. At least this one was free.

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