Monday, March 26, 2007

Ticket News, Part 2

I took my speeding ticket to the State Attorney's office and they cut me a deal. I would not have to pay the fine and I would do 8 hours of community service. Now I start getting nervous. What will they have me do? Read to old people? Clean old people? Pretend to be some old person's grandchild and go visit them while making up stories on how I just got into Harvard and I would not have made it if it weren't for all the inspiration that they gave me growing up?
So imagine my relief when I was told I would be helping around during Earth Day. Now, I hate hippies. I think they are lazy and smelly. And, I'm not a real "green" person, but I do care and enjoy the planet. Plus, I get to be outside on a spring day. How bad can it be?
If you are in S. MD during Earth Day, come by and visit! I'll be the one wearing the Exxon-Mobile I Heart George W. Bush shirt.

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