Friday, November 10, 2006

Veteran's Day

Remember to thank a soldier today for all the freedom that we have. And a special happy birthday to the Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis.


Dave said...

Is that what all those soldiers in Iraq are doing? Protecting my freedom? Like they did in Vietnam? And Korea? Of course! Thanks for the heads up.


Antonio said...

Wow, Dave. It is really sad that you allow your political beliefs to belittle the task that the soldiers have in front of them.
And yes, they are protecting our freedoms. Even our freedom to hate them.

Dave said...

I never said I hated them. It's the ones who put them there and their reasons for doing so that I have a problem with.


Antonio said...

Not once do I mention politics in this post. It was a simple post about honoring the troops that you had to trash it with politics. And it comes off as hateful.

Dave said...

Hey I just won the Player Hater of the year Award. My fans were watching. Plus I wanted to see if I could piss you off. In the words of your president:
Misson Accomplished!

BTW you should thank my team for laying a whuppin on your division rivals.