Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It Is Hot in Miami Now!

Castro has temporarily signed over power to his brother, Raul, while he undergoes intestinal surgery. I hope and pray this is it.
This is what Babalu Blog has to say:
"There are thousands of Cuban-Americans out on the streets of Miami right now, all of them celebrating the possible demise of fidel castro. All of them cheering and carrying Cuban flags alongside Old Glory. You can here the shouts of "Libertad! Libertad! Libertad!' in the background on the news reports. It is, indeed, a joyous occasion. But I'd like all of you to know that behind each celebratory scream, behind every smile, behind every feeling of unbridled joy and desperate happiness, there are 47 years of tears. Forty seven years of frustration. Of anger. Of pain. Of loss. Of separated families and drowned brothers and sisters. These celebrations have been paid for in blood. And they are more than well deserved."

And I think Cuban-American Pundits had the best image describing the times:

Time for you to pay for your crimes, Fidel.

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