Monday, July 31, 2006

Super-Size This!

Thus begins my little experiment. I've been a little tight on money lately, not because I don't make enough but because I spend too much on crap. So I have decided the following. For the next month or two, I will not spend a dime on unnecessary things (yes, even beer). Kind of like that dude from Super Size Me, except I'm not a whining bitch.
Money will only be spent on the following items:
  1. Rent
  2. Utilities (Electric, water, cable, internet, phone)
  3. Gym Membership
  4. Gas (local trips only)
  5. ONE Food Shopping Trip (less than $50.00)
  6. Credit Card
This experiment will go on until I have paid off all my credit card bills and the sucker goes back down to zero. I will post reports once a week on how much money I spent, not including the credit card bills which is why I'm doing this in the first place.
One more thing, today I'm going to buy a scale to check on my weight. I figured another upshot of this would be weight loss since I will have to eat only what I have at home. My weight difference will also be posted by weekly reports.
All this starts tomorrow, August 1 (don't worry, Cristina, I already bought you something for your birthday). Also, it may go through my birthday on September 6. If that's the case, it's going to be a lonely birthday.
Wish me luck people. First report coming this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong, brother. Stay strong.

Dave said...

Beer is a necessity. Think of it as paying your therapist's bill.

Dan McCormack said...

No one can survive on $50 worth of food! Turn back, man! Before it's too late!

BTW, you didn't specify the frequency of those shopping trips -- $50/month? $50/week? I hope you don't mean $50 from now until your credit card is paid off :)

Antonio said...

Yes, my friend. $50 until my cc is paid off. I have some food at home. The problem is that I'm too lazy to cook. So this will help me get rid of all the food. I may spend a little more han $50 on groceries, but I'm going to try to keep it cheap (ie NO JUNK FOOD!!!)

shirley said...

Heeey, we have the same birthday. I knew I liked you!