Thursday, February 24, 2005

I blew my chance!

So I was at the bank today, doing banky stuff. When lo and behold, walking behind me is the ex-governor of Puerto Rico, Sila Calderón. My day has come. Now I can actually voice my worries to her. I can finally tell her that I'm worried on the direction that Puerto Rico is heading. I'm worried about how we're going to pay back the millions of dollars her government borrowed from the US government. I'm worried about the other millions that had gone "missing" during her tenure as governor. I'm worried about the soaring crime rate during her four years and where did all the crime prevention funds go to. I'm worried about or lingering status issue: are we to become a state, are we to become independent or are we to remain in this lingo for all of eternity.
I had all of that and more, ready in my buffer for just the right moment. So I turned around, looked her in the eye, and said.... "hiola". No, that's not a spelling error, that is the combination of the english and spanish greeting. And that is exactly what came out of my mouth. We shared a smile, and I left.
So here I am, with all those questions still on my mind. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't bring those things up. Maybe she really tried her hardest and just couldn't deliver. Not everyone is a born leader. Plus, I'm pretty sure she can still have me murdered.

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Anonymous said...

You blew what??? Kinkay!

Oh, couldn't get past your blog title.