Sunday, January 30, 2005

Back to the sort of future

SO! We decided to finally join that ever-growing club of broadband users and get cable internet. I was quite reluctant to get cable internet because, as is the norm in Puerto Rico, the provider sucks balls.
But, we decided to take the plunge. So here I am, downloading por... eh, musi..., uhh website content at speeds that boggle my already warped mind. On top of that, we decided to go wireless as well. Of course I had to set up the connection all by myself*. After a couple of false starts and signal problems, everything is working as good as it can on this island.
So now I ran into another problem. My disks are getting filled pretty quick. There is so much I can download now and at such high speeds!
I'll post more of my elation at another time. I have to keep downloading more crap to please my inner geek, Ynot.

*myself read: Me, Danny McC (you rock, thanks!), and the wonderful people at Linksys, India.

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Dan McCormack said...

Please don't ever call me that again. :) It's been years since I was a member of Kriss Kross, and I'm trying to put that behind me.