Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bite My Shiny Metal...

Futurama is/was probably one of the funniest and clever cartoons out there. Unfortunately, just like everything great (Firefly, Arrested Development) it was canceled.
After the success of the series DVD sales, the show is back with four feature length episodes, the first one being Bender's Big Score. Here is a small list of what happens (no spoilers):
1) Bender catches a virus
2) Three aliens with big pouches (gross) take over the world
3) Time travel
4) Time travel
5) Bender kills people
6) Time travel

Hilarious, right? Well it is. Go out and buy it now. NOW!

P.S.: While looking around, I found this clip from the series about robot hell featuring Bender and the robot devil (best character ever). Enjoy!

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