Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Big News

Well, most of you may already know. The news is: I'm straight. Oh, and I'm also moving to Texas.
The move came about when my company won a contract with NASA down in Houston. The manager of that office is a close friend of mine and told me that they will be putting an ad out for employees who wish to transfer. I got all my paperwork ready, applied, and was accepted into the position.
I flew down to Houston for a week to look for apartments and to meet the customer. I couldn't be happier. Everybody down there was nice, the weather is nice and hot, and beer flows as if God himself was a bartender.
I will be driving down to Houston from Maryland, so those friends who live on the way (I'm looking at you, Dave and Dan) may get a quick visit. If I feel like it. And you buy me lunch. With happy ending.
I start my new job on August 1st.

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Cortney said...

you are moving!! and i'm not happy about it!! you should stay here with us and love every minute of it!! :-p