Saturday, October 14, 2006

One Hundred and Ten Reasons to have a Spare Key

So this beautiful, clear afternoon, I decided to wash my car. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid-60's. Perfect weather. So I pull into the car wash area of my apartment complex and begin to wash the car. After the car is soaped up and washed down, I tried to open my truck to get a drying cloth. Ok, trunk is locked. No problem, I'll just open the driver's door and pop the trunk. Doors are locked. Shit. I look into the window and there, laying in the passenger chair, are my keys, wallet, and cellular phone. I then remember I have a spare key, which is put away safely in my car. Dammit.
By now the sun is setting and the temperature is falling. Now, all I'm wearing are shorts and a tshirt with sandals, all wet. I go to my neighbor's apartment to call maintenance so I can get my apartment door open. 15-20 minutes later here comes the lady with the key. She then informs me that she does not know if maintenance can open the car door. Useless. So I get into my WARM apartment and use skype to call a locksmith. He tells me to wait by the car and he'll be there in 5-10 minutes. 20 minutes later, the temperature has dropped into the low 50's and I'm freezing my arse off standing next to my car. He finally arrives and the ordeal ends.
For opening my apartment door afterhours: $25.00
For opening my locked car: $85.00
For being an idiot: Priceless.


Monica said...

You should have come to my house. Much cheaper! (More fun!)

Dave said...

Why didn't you call the cops? They usually do it for free. Personally, I would've gone to Monica's. I heard she's cheap and fun.


Antonio said...

Great point, Dave. My neighbor is a cop. I asked him, and he said that they can't, legally, unless the car is running or there is an infant in the car. Plus, he was an Eagles fan. Dick.