Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Money Diet Report #2

Two weeks in. Let's see how I'm doing:
I spend about $22 this week (I know, I suck). I went grocery shopping and spent $70. It was a little over my $50 limit, but I don't give a crap. I had NO food at home. I'm still around the same weight.
On an aside note: I realized how hard it is to not spend money. Even though I've been careful to keep my wallet closed, I still managed to spend $20. If anything, this little activity has taught me that I need to keep a very close eye to where my money goes.
And as for my credit card, I have paid $1000 to it. Almost down to zero! I forecast that by mid September, I should have my credit card paid off and I could get off this money diet.


Maritza said...

I like the idea of a money diet. So many people are in debt, it's mind boggling. I've never had debt ever (believe it or not) apart from my mortgage. I just gained a $20,000 pound loan for my daughter's college and that's only for the first year AFTER tons of aid and scholarships. Thanks for the "My Left Foot" clip, it made me laugh.

shirley said...

Dood, I know! There is like, no way to not spend money!