Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sweet Smell of... Something

The setting: Gym.
Location: Treadmill.
The problem: The guy next to me smelling like an anchovie's crotch.

Now I didn't realize that the guy was stinking up the place until 5 minutes into my routine. It was horrible. Just horrible. This dude was in awesome shape though. HE was trotting along at 9 mph, steady breathing, pretty much the opposite of me. So EVERYBODY that passed by got a whiff of the odor and had to make a choice to the source: The fit guy or the big guy (me). Yup, I won most of the time. I would get that look that says ever so subtle: "JESUS CHRIST MAN! DID YOU WASH WITH A SEA OTTER?" (yea, you know the look). So I had to give them the look that says: "I take care of my body smell. In fact I used deodorant a minute ago! I'm not the one smelling the place up, this ass next to me is the one!" It's a complicated look.
Thankfully, the guy left after 12 minutes or so. The smell left with him. Carry on, Pigpen. Carry on.

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