Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know we are already 4 days into 2006, but better late than never. I've always wondered how long into the year you can say "Happy New Year" without getting that strange stare of "Dude, no". What if you don't see someone until June? Is it still acceptable?
Moving on, with the new year come new year resolutions. I'm probably signed up to most of the common ones. At last count, I think it was around 40 now. I figured, do some bulk resolutions, that way there is more room for accomplishments. My brother said that his resolution is to drink more. Damn, now I have 41.
But we should not forget the true meaning of this time of year: Presents. I received some cool (and very useful) gifts this year. Thank you to everyone (hey, it beats sending out thank you letters). But what I am most happy with is a gift I bought for my favorite person, me. I went ahead and sold my ex-gf's iPod and bought myself the black 60GB Video iPod. That thing is sweet. I have it loaded with videos that I got from the iTunes store, thanks to a gift card I got (thanks, Monica) and I am ready for next week.
Because next week... is Disney World.

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