Saturday, November 19, 2005

My First LAN Party

I think I can officially call myself a geek now! On Friday, I had my first mini LAN Party with my coworkers. We played Half-Life, had some beers, and talked trash like I never have before.
We had a set-up of one desktop and three laptps hooked into a local network. What's interesting is the fact that we had so much fun, that we are going to have a second party before Thanksgiving.
Time to pwn some noobs!

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Dan said...

Wow, only now? I'm excited, my baby's growing up :) I've never been super into them, and I've never felt the desire to attend one of the huge ones (I don't see how it's much different from playing anonymously over the internet, aside from having no lag), but it's really fun to get together with friends that you know and play together. Back in college, we used to take a Rainbow Six CD to the computer lab and install it on a few of the machines and then sit there for literally like six or eight hours playing, quietly talking trash while trying to convince the help desk that we were just writing papers very enthusiastically.