Monday, January 17, 2005

WWE New Year's Revolution

Hello once again. It's been a while since I've written anything, not because I've had nothing to blab about, but simply I have obtained nirvana in my life as a procrastinator.
Anyways, as the title of the entry implies, I am going to talk about the WWE PPV presentation of New Year's Revolution held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 9th of January. As you can imagine, I attended said event and I had an amazing time. Now, this does not include the hours I spent on a line that was ten times longer than necessary. The local organizer of the even, Jose DueƱo, did a piss-poor job at maintaining order outside the coliseum. The event started at 9pm SHARP because it was being televised all over the world. That being said, the line I was in didn't start moving until 7 pm, and even then, we got to our seats minutes before the event began. People outside were becoming restless and it got a little scary. I even saw a few units of police arrive in protective gear. Hopefully next time, it won't have to get to that.
Enough about the outside, let me tell you about the inside. The coliseum was packed at around 16 thousand wrestling fans. And in the middle of the coliseum, there it was. The "squared circle" of WWE fame. For a person who has been a fan of wrestling ever since he would sit down with his older brother to watch it, the sight was breathtaking. Dangling above the ring, roughly twenty to thirty feet in the air, was a devise known as the Elimination Chamber. For those of you that aren't wrestling fans, it's like a steel cage on some heavy steroids.
The event was ok. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. But there was something that you could not get from watching the show on television: the energy of the crowd. Having 16 thousand people screaming and chanting, a buzz running through the whole coliseum. I don't care if the event wasn't that good, I had an amazing time. When a match came on that sucked, who cares! I, along with the rest of the coliseum, was on my feet screaming and chanting. I left the coliseum with my throat raw, my ears ringing, my legs hurting, and my mouth smiling.
I took many pictures and I finally got a photobucket account so I can post them there. Once I do, I'll post the link in the linking section on the lower left of my page.

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I saw Andre The Giant.....on my first date!!!

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