Friday, December 17, 2004

And thus starteth the bitching...eth

I have had an horrible week, culminating in a night that could win the title of "Sucks Ass". I have had a cold for the past week ( a cold in the Caribbean? Yea, it happens). But what really bugs me is the congestion. I can barely hear out of my right ear because of it. And my left eye has some thing growing on the eyelid that hurts whenever I blink or close my eye.
So, confronted with all this fun, I'm lying in bed last night trying to get to sleep. I get the urge to go use the w.c. and in the process of getting up (the squeamish may want to stop reading now), my toenail from my big toe on my left foot got caught in the wooden sides of my bed and lifted off the toe. I see your face now, yes it hurt that much. Now, it lifted but didn't come off. So today I had to put a gauze on it, tape it on, and go to work.
Those close to me know that I have a toenail problem on my right foot. The toenail from my big toe has been removed, by doctors of course, about 6 times. Now I have a little toenail there because of a treatment that was used on me to discontinue the growth of the nail, thus ending the chance that there would be a 7th operation on my toe. So now I wearily think about what is going to happen on my left foot. I know the toenail is going to fall off, I just hope the new one grows in normal.

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