Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Almost closing time

Almost time for me to leave the capitalist world of work and go home. HA HA! YOU FOOL! Now I have to sit in traffic for about an hour and a half because, and I mean this with the upmost respect, people on this island can't drive worth crap. I could use the old "did Steve Wonder give them their driving test" line, but I won't. Except for that one time. Sorry. Anyways, the people here would probably drive better if Steve took time out of his busy schedule to teach some driver's ed here.
I guess my biggest beef is the fact that people here drive on the shoulder of the road. Then they cut into the road, mad at you because you are in THEIR way. One time, and I swear I am not making this up, I had to pull over to the shoulder and I got honked at by a car driving 50 mph down the shoulder. Boggles the mind. So if I were to have an emergency, can I just stop in the middle of the road? OF COURSE NOT! Because as bad as they drive on the shoulder, the people here drive worse on the lanes.
And if it wasn't fun enough, now they have DVDs in their car. Yes, I guess my recurring nightmare of being crashed into at 90 mph while I'm at a red light because the moron was watching "The Super Mega Ultra Deluxe Special Edition of Men in Black" while driving is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality.
On a side note, I noticed that I have become quite prolific at swearing when I drive. Maybe all the work my brain does while I drive trying to figure out how these people got driver's licenses also helps me get a better grasp at the english language.
I guess it's just my passive aggressive, self preservation attitude. Or maybe, I'm learning to see the positive side of things.

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